Finchcorp Assist

Finchcorp Assist – Everything you need, nothing you don’t.


What is Finchcorp Assist?


Innovation comes from all directions, and Finchcorp Assist represents the next stage in service and support delivery for our customers.  We’ve recognized our subscription model needs to be flexible so you receive the maximum value from our services and your investment, so we changed the game completely.

When considering the sheer amount of work required to maintain a venue properly, along with the risks of staff turnover and letting something slip through the cracks it’s easy to say just how valuable Finchcorp Assist can be.  From freeing up your valuable time to covering staff shortages, to drawing the experience of IT and Business experts to give you the competitive edge in your business. 

In addition to the many benefits of Finchcorp Assist, by having qualified and experienced staff on hand to assist you – you can leverage our knowledge and experience to gain a result far greater than dedicated staff that you hire can achieve, at a fraction of the cost. 

Q:  How does it work?

A:  You simply purchase hours and use them as you would normally. The difference is you only get charged for the time taken to do tasks relevant to your business.

Q:  Why would I need it?

A:  Got a key staff member leaving? Doing a full assessment of your venue? Have you just bought a pub and need a bit of help while you get your bearings?  Finchcorp Assist has you covered.

Q:  What can I use this on?

A:  Quite literally anything.  You want reports? Consider it done.  You want invoicing entered?  Just say when.  You want a chauffeured ride to the airport?  We’ll make sure we show up in a suit and tie.**

Q:  Is it a subscription model?  How is it different to other subscriptions?

A:  Where normal subscriptions will determine what you can/cannot do and what will be provided, with Finchcorp Assist you can have complete control over what your time is spent on, so there’s no worry that you’re being charged for services you don’t need.

Q:  What happens if I don’t use my hours?

A:  We have you covered.  If your account total is 4 weeks in advance we stop charging until you require the service again**. 

Q:  Can I get back my hours as a credit?

A:  Absolutely, we can exchange your hours back as a credit to your account to use on other items (such as hardware, systems etc.)**

Q:  I don’t think I need a subscription, do you offer any other services?

A:  Absolutely, in addition to alternative subscription services we have Finchcorp Assist OnDemand – for when you have a short-term requirement OR Finchcorp Assist Project – when you have a large project and you want it done right. 

Q:  What does this mean for Finchcorp Managed Services?

A:  If you’re an existing Managed Services customer you can automatically sign up for Finchcorp Assist, alternatively you can stay with your existing agreement for 6 weeks, after which you may stay on Support only or choose a great Finchcorp Assist plan. 


If you would like further information speak to one of our friendly staff today and see how Finchcorp Assist can help you and your business succeed. 


** Terms and Conditions Apply.